R.I.P. Rob "The Glock Doctor" Viczorek - February 8, 2012

Posted Monday February 13, 2012

We rushed out of town last Thursday to Florida after the tragic news that our dear friend and collegue Rob Viczorek was struck and killed two blocks from his new home in Cape Coral, Florida while walking on the sidewalk by an SUV after it had a collision with another vehicle.


He was killed after the SUV driver backed over his body following the collision, not knowing there was a victim under the vehicle.  Witnesses on the scene said that he was killed instantly.


Many know him from his setups at Gun Shows throughout the country, or by his jacked up white Ford Excursion, his Glock 18, his night vision, or his colorful words describing the wide variety of people who frequent gun shows.


Rob was in the process of starting up a new gun business to be based in Cape Coral, FL when the accident happened.  He wasn't even completely moved into the condo yet.

After arriving in Cape Coral Friday morning, we went straight to his condo where his brother Rick was tending to the hell that follows an accidental death of a family member.  We assisted him in securing the weapons that Rob had there with him, and we offered Rick any other help that he needed. 

Rick travelled with Rob's body back to California where the funeral will be held this Thursday at 10:30am in San Mateo, CA where Rob grew up.

We left Cape Coral Saturday morning and headed to Hattiesburg where we were set up as vendors.  We arrived late and attended the show Sunday.


As you can imagine, that was the hardest Sunday I have ever experienced at a gun show without Rob being present - everything seemed to remind me of Rob.  He was a huge help to our business, and his passing will be a huge loss to us and the countless others who knew him.  Even my 2 year old daughter Abby knows him, and called him "Rock"-- :)

When you see us at a Gun Show or at the Shop, ask us to tell you a funny story about Rob... we have hundreds.

Please send his friends and family your prayers during this difficult time.