A Story About a Marine Named Sean Dial....... (click the pic for youtube link)

On Saturday March 9th, about 12:30 PM, Sean Dial got his truck returned to him. It had been "stolen" by some very special people, who wanted to do something great for a great person.  You see, Sean is a Marine who lost his leg in combat fighting for his country.  A couple of Sean's friends, came up with a scheme to steal his truck, and do a bunch of improvements to it, and after it was all said and done, several people and organizations took part of this special event.  These guys did about $38,000 in upgrades and improvements to his Chevy Silverado that he thought had been stolen.   Upgraded exterior, interior, sound system, lifted, tires, lighting.....  THE WORKS!


We also decided to give Sean a new custom built BGS15 Rifle out of our shop.  Sean had NO IDEA that he was the guest of honor for the event that day.  He thought he was simply there to help hand out fliers for local chapter of the Wounded Warriors.  Hundreds of people showed up, and after a short video presentation in front of his family and friends, the guys from Four Wheel Parts in Memphis surprised him with his new truck.

The pics below do not do this truck justice!  This is ONE BAD-A$$ TRUCK!!!


Below are a couple pics Sean's buddies sent to him after the cops "Found" the truck.  They made it look like it has been totalled, but in reality, the guys at Four Wheel Parts had it, and were trickin it out!





This is the Pic Sean was sent after his "stolen" truck was "found" by police.....
This is His Truck after the Guys at "Four Wheel Parts" Finished With It!!!!
Sean Getting His New Truck!
This is the BGS15 Rifle We Gave Sean That Day....
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